FormBuilder 0.80

We’re happy to announce the long awaited release of FormBuilder 0.80.  There have been some substantial changes with this version of FormBuilder including the following:

  • Feature: Alternate Email Processing – Allows you to select whether to use the standar PHP mail command (default) or the WordPress WP_Mail command.
  • Feature: Form Data in AutoResponses – You can now make reference to submitted form data in autoresponses using variables like ~variable~ where the variable name matches the field names on your form.  More documentation here.
  • Feature: Blacklist Form Checking – You can enable checking of submitted form data against the WordPress discussion blacklist. Set blacklisted items in the WordPress discussion settings.
  • Feature: DB Subject and Recipient – Forms stored in the database will now include subject and recipient.
  • Feature: More Required Types – Added Link and Single Word the the required field types.
  • Bug Fix: Attempted to fix link problems on windows hosting solutions.
  • Bug Fix: Added Reply-To field to email headers.

Because of the fact that this version of FormBuilder makes some major changes to your WordPress database, we HIGHLY recommend you back up your WP database before installing it.

Download the latest edition from We would love to hear your feedback, questions and comments below.

135 Responses to “FormBuilder 0.80”

timoxxl says:


i have a question about error messages.
when the user enters wrong information, the error message is displayed above the form. at the same time the site reloads with the top of the site visible.
when the form is at the bottom of the page, the user does not see the error message … unless he scrolls down.
what can i do to have a message at the bottom OR the site automatically scrolls down to the error message.



Dawning says:

Howdy, I’m using the XML submit method and I’ve noticed there are two pieces of information that aren’t being sent – the IP address of whomever filled out the form and the Referring page. This info is present in the plain text formatted email option, so I’d hope that it’s really easy to add in for the XML option.

PLEASE add that in! I’d use it! 😀


Carl says:

Hi, I was wondering if you would consider adding a ‘text-line’ or something like that to the formbuilder. Alternatively be able to apply a class to a specific field. I would like to be able to have both comments and paragraphs of text inbetween form-fields.

Also I feel you overuse divs in the resulting markup where p-elements would be more appropriate and valid.

I will be looking at translating FormBuilder to Swedish so if there is anything special I need to know (like if someone else has already done it) let me know!

Thanks for a great plugin!

Raffi says:

I agree with the addition of “text line” or “header line”. Suppose the form is a job application and within education you need to separate “High School” from “College”, and then a new header for “Work Experience” or some such thing.
It’s not there now and I’m missing it, is it?

John says:

I love the plugin but I’m having a bit of trouble. I’m trying to place it into the sidebar or in as a widget. When I place that snipped of code it just shows what it says – [formbuilder:1]. I tried using a php widget plugin and placing it in there, but it did not work. Any help would be appreciated.


Robyn says:

Yipee! I am doing a happy dance right now! I have been using another, yet unnamed, form builder and just could not get it to work correctly.

I stumbled upon your form builder through a referral on Building a form has been so difficult I was skeptical to say the least. However, the comment here convinced me to give it a try.

I downloaded the plug-in about 3 p.m. today. I am writing you at 4:28 p.m. the same day (after stopping for lunch) to report I have a working form and still a full head of hair!

Thank you! Thank you!

Loren asked this question a while ago, but I didn’t see a response anywhere.

Is there a way to delete specific form responses from the database? There are several “dummy” responses in my database because of testing the plugin. Do I need to just duplicate/copy the form and start fresh to purge those records, or can I go into the database and delete the records manually?

I copied the form and (obviously) it didn’t remove any records, so I’m still stuck with useless records. I would love a tip on how to remove them.

Adam says:

When editing a Form I do not have a “Date Stamp” field to choose from in the “Field Type” drop down list. Is there somthing I’m doing wrong or another plugin that needs to be installed before this field will be available?

ge says:

I have a display problem: using WP 2.8, FB 0.80 and theme “Cordoba Green Park.” I want to display the form at the bottom of the page, immediately following the intro text there. The form itself is fine but only starts about 3 in/10cm below the text – there’s a big white space there. This happens both when I use the [formbuilder:1] method, or the one using the dropdown field to select the form.

I’ve looked with Firebug and in the css code but can’t see anything that could be causing this. Any ideas?

Selma says:

The same problem here. The form starts after 12 cm white space. In fact the form starts under the last widget in the sidebar. The widgets are pushing the form down. If I remove some widgets the form starts a little higher, just under the last widget displayed.

Is this of any help? What can we do to solve the problem?

John I says:


I am having a problem localizing Formbuilder, I hope you can find me, otherwise I have no other solution but replacing it with some other plugin or home-made code 🙁

My problem is that the localization is not working completely, I have made it work with translating the “title” of the input fields, but now I want to translate also the big red errors when you don’t have your email or name in the fields. And I don’t find the place it generates that, nothing seems to work, although I have tried almost everything in my mind.

I don’t want to publish the address, if you can help me please reply to this comment.

Thank you very much,

Sheila says:

I just found this area. I have installed Formbuilder 8 on one WP website with WP 2.8.1 (Linux/Unix). It is working fine – Thank you!

I am trying to install it on a second site (Linux/Unix) and I am getting the error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_start() in /usr/local/www/data/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/captcha/CaptchaSecurityImages.php on line 26.

Is there a way to work around this?

Thank you,

I am wanting to use the form to do a calculation:

Ie. Number of persons (drop down) when they submit it returns x persons @ $y = $z

Is there a way to do that sort of calculated field?


Tamas says:

I am looking for a plugin in WP, and I found FormBuilder.
This is what I would need:
I make the WP page of a school. The timetable of the classes would be put in the database via the forms. Only the admin may modify.
There is a page where the full timetable is shown.
And there is a page for all teachers, where only classes he or she gives would be displayed.
There is a page for each course, by its name… there the classes of the given course are shown.
So, I would need a database into which data can be entered by the admin, the data is stored in the DB, and it can be extracted on different pages of WP.

How can I do this with your plugin?

Thanks a lot,



John I says:

I think this is easier to be done manually, with a little of html+php code. You might need to disable autop (manually or with a plugin like disable-wpautop) for wordpress otherwise wp might modify your html nice arranged code.


Tamas says:

Thanks, Florin for your answer.
Helas, my knowledge of html+php code is near to zero. This is option is “off”…
If possible, I would like to find a plugin which can hadle this.

Am I right thinking that with a little modification in FormBuilder this could be made?

I am still looking for further ideas, solutions…



John I says:

Hi Tamas,

I might be able to help you for the beginning if you want, for me it’s quite hard to see how you can use formbuilder for what you want, you will really need to manually modify it and it’s harder to do that than doing yourself a simple html form + the backend php to insert it in the database. Then you will also know how to get the info from the database and echo it in your pages.

If you need help, contact me personally on


Vanessa says:

This is a great plugin. I’ve got several forms that post to email that work perfectly and I love the customizable autoresponders. But now I need add simple form that will post to an exiting database. The description on says that this plugin can do this but I can’t find any mention of in either the read me or the documentation on this site.

I’ve set up a test form using the mailing list email address my hosting company provided (they use mailman) and it didn’t work. Here are the options I used:

RECIPIENT: mailing list address my hosting company provided (they use mailman)

ACTION: Alternate Action

Error message: Alternate Form Action does NOT look like a valid URL. Please contact the website administrator.

Please advise.

James says:

Hi All,

I’ve been on vacation and then out sick for the last few weeks so there’s been a bit of delay in answering. I’ll try to address the questions above as best I can.

@Emmsee: With the regular form processor, you can add a followup URL field which will direct the visitor to the new page, once they have filled out the form.

@Abel: Interesting. I’ll have to look into testing that.

@Mark Leonard: Sounds like they require you to use an external mailserver, functionality which is currently not supported by FB. I’ll have to keep that in mind for future consideration though.

@chrisL: File uploads are not supported at this time due to security concerns.

@Eric: Without seeing the code on your page, I’m not sure what would be going on there.

@Chris: Sounds like they expect your form to point to their system, not the FormBuilder system. If necessary, you could probably create the form with FB and then copy the code and change the action to point to their system. It’s not pretty and you lose a lot of the built-in functionality for FB, but it would work. As for the redirect speed. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll have to think about how best to implement that.

@Loren: Good suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind. #2 is already available through the “CheckBox” fields.

@timo: yeah, I’ve had this complaint from others too. I’ll have to look into it. Probably will be accomplished by having the page automatically scroll down to the form again.

@Dawning: I’ll see what I can do.

@Carl: There should be enough specific classes on each field to allow you the ability to configure fields individually. As for Swedish, go for it.

@John: I don’t think there is an easy way to put forms in the sidebar using FB at this point in time.

@Joy @ Five J’s: At this point, we haven’t yet added the ability to remove specific records. You would need to change your database directly to do that. However, if you created a copy of the form like you did, then exported the form results related to that specific form, you shouldn’t see the dummy entries from the previous form. I know, it’s ugly but might work in a pinch.

@Adam: Do you have the latest version of FB?

@ge: You should be able to glean some clues as to what is causing the whitespace using a tool for Firefox called Firebug. It will allow you to inspect the page and will show you the boundaries of various portions of the page. It is possible that there is something in your theme that is pushing the FB code down.

@John: You shouldn’t need to “localize” those red errors. Those are entered directly in the form when creating it so you can change them to be whatever you want. (in whatever language you want)

@Sheila: Sounds like your second server doesn’t have session support built into PHP.

@Greg Lipschitz: Sorry. FB doesn’t do any math calculations at this point.

@Tamas: Sounds like you need a more custom scripted solution than FB.

@Vanessa: FB can submit it’s data to a secondary script which is what it looks like you’re trying to do, however you will need to enter the URL of that script. From the help: If you are using the Alternate Action module, you may specify the full URL of the alternate form processor in the THANKYOUTEXT field of the form. Once the submitted data has been verified, it will be re-posted to this alternate system. This ability may not be supported on all servers. Please test before deploying to production systems.

mindy says:

In FormBuilder, I have chosen to put all form info into the database.
What I don’t see is where that data is stored. I want to be able to display the information that is submitted using FormBuilder.

Can I do that?
Thanks for your help.

James says:

Hi Mindy,

You can view the forms in the database by clicking the link that reads “Click here to manage the forms currently stored in your database” listed under the Database XML Backup heading on the main formbuilder dashboard.

James W.

mindy says:

HI, James.
I want to be able to create a php page that will display the data that is submitted by the form so other people can see it.

I can write the php to pull the information from the database. But I don’t see where the information is going from the FormBuilder form. Can I call the information from the database? Or does FormBuilder put it somewhere else?


James says:

Hi Mindy,

The data is stored in an XML format in the MySQL database in the wp_formbuilder_results table.

James W.

Shawn says:

Hi James,

Super-useful plugin! I’m having the same issue as Neil above:

Namely, when I try to export the data, I get a 404 error for this path:


However, I can see that the file exists in that location on my web server. Any idea what the problem is?

timoxxl says:

quote: @timo: yeah, I’ve had this complaint from others too. I’ll have to look into it. Probably will be accomplished by having the page automatically scroll down to the form again.

right, that would be a solution. but i am not sure how to achieve that. i am not sure you can add that to your plugin or it is possible somehow else.

Paul says:

Formbuilder has been a great tool for us! However, I have assigned other users to the WordPress blog as editors, but they cannot export the CSV file. And message comes up that they must be assigned as an editor or higher. And they are assigned as an editor. I can export, but they cannot. Is there a fix for this?

James says:

@Shawn: Neil’s problem above is related to the fact that FB is still having a hard time navigating some windows based paths as can be determined by the E:/domains…. If your server is having this same problem, all I can say right now is to see if you can get transferred to a Linux type hosting environment instead of Windows. I haven’t yet been able to completely determine the cause of this bug.

@timoxxl: Yep. Still working on that one. I think I have a solution that I’ll be able to add to future FB versions.

@Paul: I’ll have to check into that. There may be a permissions issue of some sort that I’m not aware of.

ge says:

Hi James, as I said, I looked at Firebug but can’t see anything… any other ideas?



James says:

Hi ge,

You could try disabling the standard FormBuilder CSS. (options page)

James W.

Katie says:

I filled out all the fields and it looks good on the page, however when I fill out a test application, I get an error. Whatever I have as my last question on the form, it shows this message on the top:
Form Problem:

You seem to have missed or had mistakes in the following required field(s).

* (whatever the last comment box is titled)

and then of course I get no email notification because of this error.

James says:

Hi Katie,

Do you have a blank required field of some sort on the form? Also, make sure all your form field names are unique.

James W.

Katie says:

I hadn’t filled out the Field Name. 🙂 It’s working perfect now. Thanks!

Jason says:

I am having the same problem as Vanessa.
Error: Alternate Form Action does NOT look like a valid URL

I am following the instructions, and I have a LOT of experience creating forms and using php scripts to process the data and send emails. The reason I want to process the data myself is so I can ensure SSL is being used to email the form results.

Here is my form:

I appreciate your assistance. I use FormBuilder on multiple sites and am very happy with it. But, I may need to create a custom form outside of WordPress this time, if you cannot help.

Jackie says:

Oh, thank you very much James, I got the same problem with Katie: Form Problem:

You seem to have missed or had mistakes in the following required field(s).

It took me a long time to find the solution. I did not have the field names unique. If I can find here a long time ago, it will save me more time.

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