TruthMedia’s Weekly Encouraging E-mails and Prayer Requests

Hello Everyone,
Here are some encouraging emails and prayer requests from this last week of ministry in TruthMedia.
Blessings as we serve together,

TruthMedia Internet Group

Prayer Requests:
I just want prayers for my family and myself were going through a death in
the family and it hurts also I need a prayer to have strength in completing
college classes my junior year in HIGHSCHOOL…I know its going to be a lot
of stress and I just need a prayer to keep me focused.  (USA)

Messages coming into The Mentor Center:
Dear father, I am a Bangladeshi Muslim. Now working in Dubai. I want
change my life to the Christianity. Because, I like Christianity. I want
proselyte to the Christianity. This is my dream and thing. So, if you can
help me, I will proselyte to the Christianity. How can I proselyte from
Dubai? Please tell me.  (Bangladesh)

My parents are getting divorced. I feel lost. I¹m struggling at school.

Good day I have this question that I want to ask but the way I read your
story I fell bad because it happens to me too my mother left me went I was 5
months and she ran away and up to now I don’t now where she is but thank God
that I have finished my college I now i’m working please what I want you to
help me to give the way to see her and the funny thing is that my father is
not alive to he died because of their thing that happen between he and my
mother.  (Nigeria)

Messages from people being mentored:
Hello I found an email from quite some time ago where you and I were
corresponding. You were so helpful during that time that I thought I would
seek your advice again if you still do that sort of thing. Last Sunday I was
involved in a very bad accident. Me and my children were in a car accident
in which the driver of the other vehicle did not survive. He drove out into
oncoming traffic on the highway and the accident was unavoidable. My mind
understands the circumstances of the event, but my heart is having
difficulty getting over it.  I was wondering if there was any advice you
could give me on how to move forward. Any assistance you can offer would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you!  (USA)

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