TruthMedia’s Weekly Encouraging E-mails and Prayer Requests

Hello Everyone,

Here are some encouraging emails and prayer requests from this last week of  ministry in TruthMedia.

Blessings as we serve together,

TruthMedia Internet Group

I’m Algerian, and I was a Muslim before I recently prayed to God and once again today to entrust my life to Jesus Christ.  I hope that Jesus will come into my life.  I need so much to be on the right path.  That is what I am searching for in my life (in every area, and most importantly with God) Thank you for praying for me (Algeria).

Please pray that I may find a job soon. My gas was disconnected and it’s freezing. Thank you

Your presentation is clear and complete, facilitating entering into the kingdom of God.  (note:  She’s referring to “The Journey of Joy”  gospel presentation on I printed it up and I took it to a friend that I have known for 4 years.  We talk about God every time we get together.  I felt that she was ready and so using this presentation  I invited  to her to receive Jesus in her life and to allow Him to become her Savior and Lord.  What joy! Yesterday she gave her life to Jesus (France)!

I Thank You God for Your Multi Blessings, Light & Protections, and I Pray to You God to help me succeed & progress in my new job in this new country, and help me get rid from fear, worries, delusions, obsessions and obstacles!
Country: Saudi Arabia

It is also a privilege for me to be working as an online mentor with TruthMedia Internet Group. I had no knowledge such a thing existed until I stumbled on it early last year when I was surfing the Net just looking for whatever and anything. Surely, our Lord must have led me to it. Now, involved in this ministry, I feel a real contentment and fulfillment like I have finally settled into what I should be doing and love being a part of this very powerful and deeply enabling ministry. As I minister, I, myself, feel ministered to!

Let me say that I have been so touched by the work of this ministry.  I do receive encouraging responses when someone feels that  I’ve helped them just a little.  I pray that we all find the strength and faith to continue in the years ahead.

im going threw a hard time. cant find the right friends. starting to get into drugs and alcohol. lonley need someone to talk to because cant go to my parents.  just stressed and need some advice from someone.

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