TruthMedia’s Weekly Encouraging E-mails

Hello Everyone,

Here are some encouraging emails and prayer requests from this last week of ministry in TruthMedia.

Blessings as we serve together,

TruthMedia Internet Group

I’m lost… I need directions and purpose in my life. Please pray for me…
COUNTRY: Singapore

I need to change my life towards Jesus, but I don’t know why it seems so difficult, I want to be a godly woman.
COUNTRY: South Africa

I’m still lost in this spiritual journey but pray Jesus Christ will lead the way.  Recent loss of loved ones, have left my heart numb, broken and unsure.  I ask for your pray to help me find my spiritual way to Jesus Christ, amen.


Searching for HONEST,PURE,TRUE love, a lot like the story.  I’ve known God all my life, it just like the ONE is so far away.  But I know Jesus is always right there.  Thanks.

I now have a reason to keep on living with Jesus if I continue to trust Him.  I am not lying when I say that since I have been able to share with you about my current circumstances and also about my former life, I am experiencing great relief which helps me want to believe without holding back. I want to trust Jesus Christ and allow Him to guide me.
REFERER: Femmes Aujourd’hui

I got divorce recently given my beloved one left me. I tried very hard to get over with pain from divorce. Nevertheless, I still deeply suffered with the pain. Please advise me with ways to deal with the sorrow. Many thanks.  Amen.

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