Another Tuesday Tip from Terry!

If you have more than one request waiting for you in ARC.

To view all new requests in ARC, you can click on the icon that looks like a letter, which is beside the yellow envelope on the Mail-Alert page after you have logged in. This will open up a page that lists all your current requests. To open up a request and see it in full, you simply click on the underlined section on this page.

Now, going back to the Mail Alert page. Beside the yellow envelope you see ‘Bulletin’ which might say, <1 of 4 > This lets you know that the Date, Subject, From, is the first email of four waiting for you in your list.

It’s a pleasure working together with you to reach the World for Jesus!

God Bless You.


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afhøre says:

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Ρ&#8572еaѕе stаү uѕ
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ТҺank yо&#6489 fߋr sɦaгіng.

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